Conservative Treatment Options For Back Pain

by Administrator 6. October 2014 10:47

Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by people. Back pain ranges from mild to severe and sometimes the pain suffered is so severe that it becomes difficult to carry out routine activities. Back pain may occur due to repeated actions, bending, lifting heavy objects or due to an injury. It is essential to immediately consult a spine surgeon to get the injury diagnosed and a treatment plan devised.

Conservative treatments are available for back pain which is non-invasive or less invasive. Patients often prefer conservative treatments options such as physical therapies, medicines, heat therapy and exercises to surgery for treating their back pain. Here are some details about some conservative treatment options available for treating back pain.

  • Medicines: Medication is the first resort that helps in providing relief from the pain. Various types of medicines are available like muscle relaxants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines which can be prescribed by a spine surgeon after proper diagnosis. These medicines are taken orally, applied on skin or are injected to provide relief from the pain.
  • Heat therapy: Heat therapy is quite effective in treating back pain. The patient is asked to apply heat pads or heat wrap over the targeted area. Heat bottles are most cost-effective way to offer relief from pain and hot baths are known to offer relief from back spasms.
  • Physical therapy: The therapy helps in strengthening and stretching of muscles of the spine. It also helps in alleviating the back pain.
  • Exercises: One can get relief from back pain with the help of exercises. Certain stretching exercises can relax the muscles, nerve cells and ligaments. Fitness trainers often provide programs that address your back problem and offer full body workout. 

These treatment options offer relief from pain and are least invasive options.

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